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UNICEF CRC Video Contest - 20th Anniversary: The Right to Free Education

UNICEF CRC Video Contest - 20th Anniversary: The Right to Free Education

UNICEF CRC Video Contest-20th Anniversary

Congratulations to Sonu Thakur from West Bengal - India, whose video "The Classroom" has been named the winner of UNICEF's CRC 20th Anniversary one-minute video contest.

The Classroom

Producer: Sonu Thakur
Country: India

The Classroom was chosen for best expressing an issue that promotes every child’s right to know more, say more and do more about the world they live in. Judges noted the video as inspiring and touching, created with a specific, well-expressed theme.

Eleven year old Sonu Thakur's winning video will be featured during UNICEF's celebration on the 20th Anniversary of the Convention of the Rights of Child, which will take place in New York on 20 November 2009. It will also be made available for broadcast by UNICEF for the 2010 'The International Children’s Day of Broadcasting'.

The theme of the film, 'every child’s right to education', was what actually impressed UNICEF. As UNICEF writes to Sonu, "The judges were incredibly impressed with the expression of the theme of the rights of the child, the technical qualities of the video, and your overall creativity."

It is a great time for little Sonu. Sonu is a slum dweller of Eastern Bypass area and studies in the informal school of the Adivasi Kalyan Sangh. He was a part of the UNICEF workshop held in Kolkata with prominent broadcast journalists as resource persons. It was then that for the first time he could ever hold a camera. Exhilarated, Sonu says, "We were asked to tell our tale and then do a video of it. My mother always wanted to go to school but she could not. So, I told this story of every child’s right to study".

Sonu lost his father when he was very young. It was at the behest of his mother that he continues to go to school despite hardships in the family. He wants to grow up as a film-maker and story-teller. Sonu learned the nuances of the camera in the three-day workshop by children held by the UNICEF Kolkata office. From the storyboard to rolling the camera to writing the script, children got to learn all during the workshop held in the month of August 2009.

Along with Sonu, two other boys with similar situations, Chhatu Kumar’s film 'Self help' and Rahool Goswami’s film 'A Story' had also been shortlisted for the contest amongst the twelve semi-finalists from across the world.

updated: 27 July, 2013

Rights of the Child


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