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Bird photography is hard. It can require years of practice, expensive equipment, and endless patience. We don’t have any of those, so we really like the Bird Buddy, which puts a camera in a feeder that brings your avian models to you. Usually $279, this clever contraption is just $209 right now at Amazon for Black Friday—making it something for the birds, even if the discount is anything but. It’s a phenomenal gift and a gateway to a whole new hobby.

Bird Buddy Bird Feeder Camera $209 (was $279)

Abby Ferguson


The Bird Buddy took home the best overall title in our list of the best bird feeder cameras. Setup is simple: Just mount the feeder, connect it to the app, fill it with food, and get ready to observe some birds. The camera is smart so it can recognize what kind of feathered friends it sees while they feed. It will automatically capture images of the birds and catalog them so you can look at your avian visitors later. It can even send live alerts to your phone when birds arrive so you can watch in real-time.

Even if you’re not the biggest birding fan, this is a super cool way to see nature from an up-close view that would otherwise be impossible.

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