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Setting up a smart home can save you a considerable amount of time, improve your house’s aesthetics, and even increase its safety. But replacing each light bulb, lock, and everything in between can get expensive fast. Thankfully, Cyber Monday is jammed full of deals that dramatically reduce the amount you’ll have to spend on the highest-end gear, with some items clocking in at under $10. If you’re looking to start (or expand) your smart home this year, don’t miss these Cyber Monday deals.

Google Nest Thermostat $89.99 (Was $129.99)



Google’s Nest Thermostat is one of the few smart home gadgets that may actually pay for itself over time, which sweetens this already excellent Cyber Monday deal. Once it’s connected to your HVAC system and Wi-Fi network, the smart thermostat will learn your habits and intelligently heat and cool your home based on when you wake up and go to bed. This is far more efficient than leaving your heating and cooling system on all day. By reducing the amount of time the HVAC system is running, Google’s Nest Thermostat can lower your utility bill, which is especially important during the hottest and coldest months of the year.

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