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Anyone with a small dog will tell you that they come with big personalities. Charli, my Aussie Shepherd-Japanese Chin mix, is 10 pounds of opinion. So, if she doesn’t like something, well, hope you kept the receipt. And, while every comfy spot in the house is ultimately hers, she still likes to have a space that’s exclusive when she’s feeling reclusive. But when it came time to upgrade her crate, we not only had to deal with a picky pup but also the logistics of limited space—which is why we love the Fable Crate, which lets her have a cozy den and we don’t have to lose a “side table.” And right now, the stylish accessory is up to 30% off if you buy it today.

Fable Crate $345 – $1,015 (w/ coupon BFCM2023, was $495 – $1,499)



Arriving in five easily assembled bentwood pieces, Charli’s Fable crate blends in seamlessly in the corner beside our couch (as seen at the top of the page). Topped by planters and bathed in indirect light for much of the day, it’s like a secluded forest glen for when she needs to recover from her adventures—or just take a mid-afternoon post-nap nap. We opted for the small, naturally, and went with the lighter signature finish. But there are also medium and large sizes, and you can go darker walnut if you’re feeling it. You can also choose between a metal or clear acrylic built-in gate … for when contractors come calling or for any other reason you don’t want your loyal companion snuffing around the house. I couldn’t remember where I put the Fable receipt if my life depended on it, but the restful look on Charli’s face when she’s nestled in her crate says it’s safe to rip it up anyway.

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