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Few things help you work out a sore muscle quite like a percussion massager. These little machines beat your body up in the best way possible to increase blood flow and accelerate recovery. They’re great for before bed, after the gym, or when the muscle next to your shoulder blade won’t stop twitching because you’ve been sitting at your desk writing about Black Friday deals for 20 hours straight and your body is slowly atrophying into a hunched mass of sinew. That last one might just be us. Still, these are great deals from two of the biggest companies in the space.

TheraGun Prime $189 (was $299)



This mid-level massage gun from Therabody comes with four high-quality attachments and a deep app integration that helps guide you through a variety of massage treatments. I’ve been using the upgraded TheraGun Elite version for a few weeks now, and the bedtime routine is pretty much essential for me (our editor’s family swears by the flagship PRO Plus after running and/or soccer matches). It has customizable programs and speeds depending on how intense you want your percussion to get. This is a somewhat advanced model, but the app provides excellent instruction for beginners so you can grow into it.

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